Home remedy of the Week!

Apple cider vinegar cures poison ivy itch, who knew!? All you need to do is soak some cotton balls in the vinegar and apply to the itchy areas. Be sure to first rinse and thoroughly wash your skin to prevent from spreading urushiol all over yourself and spreading your rash.

Additionally apple cider vinegar cures itchiness caused by other things such as insect bites and allergic reactions, just be sure to follow the steps above to ensure that the apple cider cures your itch and that you don’t spread it.

Many people also claim that apple cider vinegar cures dandruff or at least reduces it. They suggest taking a quarter cup of vinegar and mixing it with a quarter cup of water. Then, just wash your hair with it two to three times weekly.

If you missed the first home remedy of the week be sure to read it here! It explains how to properly clean and rinse off the affected areas so that the rash doesn’t spread and cause you even more pain.

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This information is purely informational. It is not intended to provide medical advice of any kind. Poisonivyrash.com and it’s employees take no responsibility for any consequences that our advice may have. This information is not a substitute for the advice of a licensed physician.


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